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Section A. Gluten Analysis Instrument, Protein Instrument , Falling Number Tester and Lab Check Sifter


Gluten Washer                           Gluten Index Tester                             Gluten Dryer


Protein Instrument                       Falling Number Tester                            Lab Check Sifter

Section B. Flour Farinograph, Dough Extensograph and Halogen Moisture Meter


Flour Farinograph                            Dough Extensograph                        Halogen Moisture Meter

Section C. Rap Moisture Meter for Grain


Rapid Moisture Meter                  Rapid Moisture Meter                    Rapid Moisture Meter

 Section D. Lab Flour Mill, Lab Hammer Mill and Lab Crusher Mill     Laboratory Flour Mill

                        Packing Machine (10-25KG/BAG)

Laboratory Flour Mill                        Lab Hammer Mill                               Lab Crusher Mill       

Section E. Other Lab Instruments                          



Whiteness Tester                   Metal Measurement                            Grain Sifter


Electric Resistance Furance             Hectoliter weight                          Grain Select Sifter