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Section A. Laboratory Flour Mill: Lab Flour Mill has got the CE LVD Attestation Certificate issued by SGS. Flour Lab Equipment


Lab Flour Mill                                 Upper of Lab Mill                               Upper of Lab Mill


Lower of Lab Mill                         Attestation by SGS                            Attestation by SGS

Section B. Notices Signs for Safety Warning on Lab Flour Mill


No Touch on Belt Cover                Danger Electric Shock                     No Touch on Belt Cover

Section C. Material Inlet and Hoisting Position of Lab Flour Mill

                          Packing Machine (10-25KG/BAG)

Material Wheat Inlet                            Hoisting Position                            Hoisting Position       

Section D. Flow Dial, Roller Running Control, Roller Space Adjustment Dial of Lab Flour Mill


Feeding Material Flow Dial                Roller Running Control                  Roller Space Adjustment


Three-Phase Electric Motor         Switch for Mill and Sifter                 Emergency Stop Switch


Part 2. Use of Lab Flour Mill for Wheat Flour Milling Plant

Lab flour mill, it is one kind of special laboratory equipment to have measurement, analysis and research on wheat quality. It will be able to realize wheat cleaning, wheat grinding and flour sifting at the same time. And it can also get same products as commercial or industrialization flour. By its processing, we will be able to have suitable analysis result on flour extraction rate of wheat, ash content and ash curve of wheat, production capacity of wheat flour, power consumption, flour quality curve, gluten content and dough character.