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Flour test equipment is important auxiliary system for flour milling plant or scientific research institution. They will be used for different physical or chemical charactor analysis on flour quality. Their analysis data will be helpful for us to finish laboratory science study and flour quality control.

Usually, main test item and analysis content of flour test equipment will include as follows,

Section1: Wheat commerical value analysis: By wheat laboratory milling, we will get its flour extraction rate and bran content. Their data will be near to flour industrial production. It will help us to have the investment budget on flour milling plant.

Section2: Flour physical charactor analysis: They are mainly used for test flour physical ingredients.

Section3: Flour chemical charactor analysis: Their test content will include nutritional ingredient and hazardous substances analysis.

Section4: Other auxiliary instrument: They are used for sample weighing preparation,separation, collection and sample storage.

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Grain Analysis Instrument

NIR Grain Analyzer

Fast analysis of granular objects on protein, starch, fat and etc.

Grain Counter

Determination of 1000-grain mass species by means of a counting device.

Starch Analyzer

Used for determining starch content of wheat flour,corn flour and so on.

Aflatoxin Detector

Used to test the content of aflatoxin B1 B2 M1. Self thermal printing.

Four Series of Flour Lab Euqipment

Laboratory Flour Mill

Wheat commerical value analysis to get flour extraction rate and bran content

Flour Physical Analysis Instrument

Gluten quality,amylase activity,whiteness,moisture,ash content

Flour Chemical Analysis Instrument

Protein content,fat content,fibre content,aflatoxin content

Other Auxiliary Instrument

Sample weighing preparation and separate impurity from grain

Commonly Used Flour Lab Instrument

Gluten Instrument

Wash and test gluten content

Falling Number Tester

Test the amylase activity of grain

Protein Instrument

Determine the protein content

Halogen Moisture Analyzer

Test flour moisture content

Lab Crusher Mill

Grind wheat to get flour

Lab Flour Sifter

Sift and get the fine flour

Muffle Furnace

Test ash content of flour

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