Laboratory Flour Mill

As a rule, flour plant will need to know about flour extraction rate and bran content of wheat. So wheat laboratory milling becomes neccesay analysis method. By wheat laboratory milling, we will be able to get suitable flour extracton rate and bran content. It will provide us important commerical value data on flour production and investment.

Big scale laboratory flour mill will be able to get much precise data comparing with small lab mill. It has higher processing capacity and complete technology.

Milling technology: wheat feeding system, wheat milling system, flour sifting system and cyclone system. It can realize full-automatic running from feeding, milling to sifting.

Technical Parameter

Type: Big scale. Max capacity: 10kg/hour

Roller(D*L): 155*200mm Rotary speed: 298r/min

Rotary diameter: 17~23mm Fast roller speed: 500r/min

Tooth roller rate: 2.5:1 Smooth roller rate: 1.5:1

Net Weight: ~680kg Power: 3.55KW

Front View

Safety Protection Cover.

Front View

Safety Protection Cover.

Flour Sifter

Total six sifter frames.

Material Inlet

Detachable Material Inlet.

CE Electric Motor

Three-phase electric motor.

Fan for Cyclone

transport material for milling system.

Material Inlet

Feeding system.

Feeding System

Supply the power for feeding system and milling system.

Front View

Fine milling to get sample for flour extraction rate.

Front View

B milling system to get bran and flour.

Belt Wheel Safety Cover

Supply power to B Milling and fine Milling System.

Whole View

Nice exterior, strong and compact structure.

Low Voltage Test

LVD CE standard test.

Whole View

Stainless steel cyclone system.

Side View

Hoisting position.

Feeding Conveyor Cover

Belt wheel rotary direction.